Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day Walks Melbourne #38 - Tree Fern Walk (Gembrook)

10/10/2010   Headed out to Gembrook with my daughter, Zoe, for walk #38 in the Day Walks Melbourne book.   I was looking for a bit of exercise and Zoe was looking to wear in her new hiking boots - picked up the week before at a bargain price from Paddy Pallins in Ringwood.

The walk is in the Bunyip State Forest, with the start/finish point at Mortimer Picnic Ground, a few kilometres from Gembrook.

Nice track.  Fairly easy going..

Got a bit confused at the 7.5km mark, mistaking the Silvertop Ridge Track for Triangle Road.  

Got back onto the main track via Windy Point Road.

Almost missed the entrance to the Parker Link Track, as it was a bit overgrown.  However, that next section proved to be the most interesting part of the whole track.  It was clearly less frequented and more 'untouched'.

The last section is a nature trail, with a number of handy signs providing insight into the local flora.

The Wrap
Our detour route took us 2 1/2 hours to complete.  Not particularly challenging, but a pleasant walk to do.
Verdict: Recommended

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