Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bear Grylls Challenge

Something a bit different for this post.   My daughter Zoe & I are both big fans of celebrity survival expert, Bear Grylls, and we never miss episodes of his show, Man vs Wild.

Like many people, I have generally settled on satisfying any adventuring urges vicariously through the likes of Bear.  However, I recently got challenged by a friend, Brett, to join him (and others) on what he is calling a Bear Grylls Challenge.  Here's his email:


The 24 hour Bear Grylls Survival Challenge

So you have watched every episode of Man vs. Wild and want to put your survival skills to the test?

Scheduled for late November/early December, the idea is to survive from noon Saturday until noon on Sunday with only the following:
- The clothes you are wearing (which can include a hat and waterproof jacket)
- A knife
- A flint
- 1 litre of water
- 5 metres of parachute cord or thin line
- Any medication you might need like an asthma puffer
- [Still considering whether we can take a small torch for emergencies and a fish hook]

There is no need to spend up big at Paddy Pallin for this trip.

The intention will be to get from point A to point B in Victoria's beautiful state forest .

Participants should travel together but have to make their own fire, shelter and source their own food. Anyone considering drinking their own fluids or eating a scorpion should ask for assistance.

People who want to join in the fun but don't enjoy roasted wombat can either tag along as the camera crew with a backpack or camp with all the comforts at the basecamp/carpark.

So if anyone is keen to participate let me know.

My first reaction was to be impressed and to wish him well.  Then I thought "well, I could at least be a camera man". And then I thought, "you know what - I am going to give this a shot".

Then I thought - "shit - I don't know the first thing about surviving in the bush..."

To be continued...

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