Monday, October 25, 2010

Day Walks Melbourne #37 - Reids Tramline (Powelltown)


I was attending a school fete at Yarra Junction yesterday, with my wife and a daughter Zoe, and used the opportunity to drive another 10 minutes up the road to "Timber land" - Powelltown, to do the Reids Tramline walk from the Day Walks Melbourne book.

Did the reverse route to the book, which gave us a decent hill climb for the first 20 minute, following a logging road.  Was met with a bit of protest from the youngest party member.

From the highest point, the road descends through a less used section, before we headed offroad, to a bush track down to the site of the mill.  The mill site is just that - a site.  So not much to see.   The track then follows a pleasant path beside a stream until we got back to the main road.

The 'Powellsy' is a favorite stop for bikers and bushwalkers.  There is a craft shop alongside it with an interesting range of wood carvings. My wife was able to pick up some cheap home made soap.

Finally got back to the route start/stop point at the picnic ground.  Took a few minutes to scale an enormous log before heading back to Melbourne.

The Wrap
Took us 1 hour 40 mins, with no breaks.  Very scenic, bush walk for the most part, though the main road section detracts a bit.

Verdict: Recommended

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