Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day Walks Melbourne #36 - Estate Spur

The Estate Spur walking track is at Lake Eildon.  It is walk #36 of the book, Day Walks Melbourne.

I headed out there on a Sunday afternoon in early October.  I went via Lilydale (close to my home), then via Yarra Glen, to avoid the windy roads of the Black Spur.

Got to Alexandra and stopped at the Information Centre for directions. (At this stage, I didn't have a copy of the book - which has perfectly fine directions I later found out).  Turns out that the lady on duty wasn't a local and hadn't heard of the Estate Spur Track.  Also there were no flyers, etc in the Centre that mentioned the track.  She gave me her best guess at where to go and, happily, it was a good guess as 20 mins later I arrived at the start of the track!

Fairly steep climb from the road. 

The climb from the road

Some nice views on the way

Got onto the Spur after 20-odd minutes.

Nice walk along the Spur, with great views of Lake Eildon.

The descent from the highest point is quite steep.  I followed the trail for a while then came to path dropping back down the the lakeside.  I decided to keep following the ridge rather than follow the trail - the bush is fairly open and looked interesting.

Crossed paths with a kangaroo just above the Point.  Would have been around  1.6 metre tall - was quite impressive.
After a steep descent and a bit of bush-bashing I found the lakeside trail and this provided a very pleasant return trip to the car.

The Wrap

All up, the Estate Spur track walk took 2 1/4 hours, including a couple of brief stops.
I found it to be a decent work-out with great views.
Verdict: Recommended.

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