Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wilhelmina Falls Circuit, Toolangi State Forest, Victoria, Australia (Day Walk) - April 2014

This is a fairly basic trip report.  The route is well described in the guide book I used ("Daywalks Around Melbourne").  I did this walk in Autumn 2014, as part of my recovery from hip surgery the previous September.   It's a good workout, through beautiful bushland and is highly recommended.

Parking close to the trail head.

Obligatory selfie, in front of the suspension bridge.

The trail is well-defined

The climb up the falls is a decent challenge.

There were plenty examples of the classic Oz bush recovery from bushfires

Lyre bird

Yep. Def an lyre bird

The key facts:

Distance: 13 km
Time: 3 hours 15mins.  (I walk at a brisk pace - I am training, after all!. If you're a slower walker, like to have lots of photo breaks or if you are taking younger children, you should allow around 4 hours.)
  -  "Daywalks Around Melbourne" Glenn Tempest. Walk #60. Avail. from Open Spaces Publishing;
Navigation: The trail is well maintained and with good signage
Challenge level:  The climb up the steps to the falls is steep, but not too long.  Thereafter the walking is easy.
Phone reception : I had no reception most of the time on my Telstra service.  Got a little signal every now and then.
Water: Carry what you need - it's a short walk. :)
Start location: Google Maps reference

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