Thursday, August 14, 2014

Walking, witnessing and wonderment

Very pleased to share this terrific insight into the hiking experience by Bendigo poet, Suze Radford:

Walking, witnessing and wonderment 

You know when you've walked for hours
You're cold
You've been playing the head game 
Peripheral vision closed down
Focussed on just those next few steps
Eyes blinded with cold
But something
From beyond
Makes you lift your head
Look outward
The external gaze
And there
You notice something
The other
Whether it be a bird of prey on the wind
A force of sunlight breaking from behind a bank of dark and sullen clouds
The sound of gang gangs raucous and bold
A stand of brilliant pink Heath 
But you know in that moment you are part of the bigger picture 
The context brings you into the gift of collective consciousness 
There is awe
All to be honored 
In these moments of true rawness
Of witnessing 
We find life
And it's breathtaking

 - Suze Radford   Aug 2014

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