Monday, April 15, 2013

Tanglefoot Walking Track, Toolangi State Forest, Vic, Australia

Walk #58 from Day Walks Around Melbourne

7km 2.5 hours
July 2012

Zoe & Tania
This post has been sitting in my drafts tray for months. There's no particular reason for the delay, except perhaps that my attention has been off day  walks while I have been doing lots of overnight trips.  Anyway, I finally got some time to finish it tonight.

It's actually a great little walk and given that the Toolangi State Forest is only 30 minutes from my home in Melbourne's north eastern fringe, it's really handy too - certainly a nice change from the 3-4 hours drive I've become accustomed to to access the big alpine walks.

We started at the Wirrawilla Carpark entrance.  The trail then follows a boardwalk circuit for the first 500 metres. 

We continued to head north on a well established trail, with lots of informative signs.  

The scenery was stunning, with massive ferns, tall moss and the frequent sounds of lyre birds.

Zoe and Fergie (the short, bedraggled one)

About an hour into the walk, as we stopped for a lunch break, we got hit by heavy rain, then (literally hit) by hail.  We decided to postpone eating and continue along the now muddy circuit

Further along we came to a great little shelter where we were about to brew some tea, while escaping the heavy rain.  

After the break we took a path from Lauders Rest back to Wirrawilla Carpark, walking past some truly enormous gum trees.

Tania & Zoe enjoy a welcome respite from the rain

Tania and one of the stunning, massive gums.

Old mother 'Fergie'

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  1. All smiles despite the rain. Nice blog Andrew


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