Monday, July 25, 2011

MYOG: My first project - Tarp tent

My very first MYOG project was a tarp tent, made using a design shared by Henry Squires at his Tarptent site.

I had been combing the Net for hiking info and had started to get enthusiastic about the ultralight approach to hiking.  My goal at the time was to create a light-weight shelter to replace the 4kg, 3-man double-walled dome tent I had been using.
I used $10 sheets of vinyl and cordage I bought from Anaconda, some plastic grommets I got from Bunnings, and some excellent glue I 'borrowed' from my wife, the potter.

The project spanned a few week nights and a weekend.  I made heaps of mistakes and the end result was kind of fugly - but it was a fun and engaging learning experience and, in the end I made something that I could actually use in the field.

The final product weighs 1kg, including pegs and cord, but excluding staff I use as tent pole, as I carry this anyway.

The tarptent has served its purpose - keeping me dry and bug free in the wilderness, while being quite light weight.

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