Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Getting a bit frustrated with the delays in getting back to the alpine country. Moving house has been very time consuming - between planning the move, making the move, cleaning up old house, getting stuff sorted out at the new house and assembling a 6 meter shed for Tania's pottery - it has managed to blow out to 6 weeks.

I am also stalled in the middle of my tent project. The plan is to make a tent that is suitable for 4 season (read 'snow') camping. It is a 4-sided, floor-less pyramid tent. I got the idea for it on from an article at BPL. I imported the materials from the US and was well into the sewing stage when I ran out of thread! I wasn't able to get it the same thread here in Oz, so have to wait another week or so until a new supply comes in. Damn!

In the meantime, I have kept myself busy with a couple of other diy (or MYOG, as the Americans like to say) projects
I will do full posts on these projects once they're done.

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